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POC + mental health: a few readings 14 juin 2015

recently i’ve been tired of

– hearing from POC that the issues around mental health (trauma, self care, depression…) are white issues. (i mean, wait, are you saying POC don’t have mental health issues?? or that they don’t do anything about it?? er, i don’t believe that)

– and simultaneously realizing everything i read about mental health issues is written by white people or predominently white groups, or at least never explicitely links these issues with race.  (Oh, wait, would these 2 points be linked maybe?…)

ahem. time to look for readings somewhere else, maybe?…

so i started by BlackGirlDangerous because i love them. Here is a little selection, most i haven’t read yet. i’ve only read « loving each other wounded ». I thought i’d share, though, so we have food for thought and further discussions. if you have other good readings to suggest, please do!

Loving Each Other Wounded: 5 Essential Questions for Healthy QTPOC Love by CarmenLeah Ascencio

The Science of Resilience: What The World Can Learn From QTPoC Survivors of Domestic Violence  by Maisha Z. Johnson

How to Participate in the Movement When You’re in a Funkby Maisha Z. Johnson

Healing From Trauma As a Person of Colour: 3 Things I’ve Learnt As a Queer Black Boyby Travis A.

What’s Missing When We Talk About Self-Care (Ask BGD 1) Mia McKenzie and CarmenLeah Ascencio

You Can Be Loved: For Those of Us Who Live With Mental Illnessby Princess Harmony Rodriguez

and a very quick search on the rest of the internet gives things such as :

People of Color & Mental Illness Photo Project  by Dior Vargas, Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist

The Color of Hope: POC Mental Health Narratives

and also this search reminded me of that fabulous performer and thinker named Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha. e.g. here :

“My Body is Not a Liability” – Interview with Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

and as for how it can be a « white only » issue, i found 1 thing but havent looked much more. it’s a start!

Mental Health Issues Are Not Just “White People Problems”  by Trina Young

ok! is that enough reading for now? enjoy 🙂