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is this why? 15 décembre 2010

i wrote this say, in the last year, but it’s still very accurate for me at the moment, with the issues i’m sorting out. it is not about someone in particular, just so you know.  what i write is always FICTION

Yesterday, I badly wanted to kiss you. Or did I? Yesterday, I badly wanted to connect with you. I wanted to tell you I like you, the way you make me laugh and your cute accent, I appreciate/admire your choices and activities, and I would love to have a special relationship with you. That is… maybe I would love to hear a similar statement from you, I would like us to make it explicit that we want to see each other again, that we like the relationship being born and developing right in front of our eyes, and that we want to care and nurture it. I wanted to hear from you that you like me and think I’m special. I badly wanted to connect with you, and to leave with the feeling of something accomplished, shared, and not with an unbalance and a feeling of frustration.
And I couldn’t think of a way to achieve all that, other than kissing you.
Isn’t that sad?
Isn’t that totally inappropriate?
Couldn’t I just say that?
Is this why people kiss?


One Response to “is this why?”

  1. grunen Says:

    est ce une façon de se lier ? se connecter avec la bouche et sentir le courant, la salive conductrice, les ondes excitantes. puis l’intensité change les mouvements en morsure, la salive rougit, mais ça reste doux. I don’t know why people kiss but I know it’s soft. To be soft and kind to others is a way to achieve sthing.

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